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Tennis Tournament Annual Memorial Tennis Tournament    

Greg is the executive director of the Dr. Mary V. Bicouvaris Memorial Tennis Tournament. The event is a tennis match in memory of Greg's mother Dr. Mary V. Bicouvaris, and father Jim Bicouvaris and has taken place yearly since 2001.

Greg's parents were married for 38 glorious years. They had two children, Valerie, an educator who has followed in her mothers path, and a son Greg, who is in the advertising and broadcasting business.

Past Winners:
2001: Marvin Hedgepeth and Zach Vaughan
2002: Richard Parker, Fax McCandlish, Sonny Dearth, JoJo McCandlish
2003: Richard Parker, Bill Saunders, Sonny Dearth
2004: Hugh Spain
2005: Eric Christiansen
2006: Niclas Kohler
2007: Yakov Diskin
2008: Eric Christiansen
2009: Bill Saunders and Carter Ficklen
2010: Jessica Sain
2011: Violet Hahn
2012: Claire Spencer and Maelyn Platon
2013: Marvin Hedgepeth and Carter Ficklen
2014: Bill Saunders
2015: Herbie Morewitz
2016: Donald Widener
2017: Will Prillaman
2018: Will Fan
2019: Ethan Kutner
2020: Greg Bicouvaris
2021: Alec Reed
2022: Cole Frankenhoff
2023: Eric Wei
2024: Luke Sablan

From 2004 to 2008 the event was broadcast live on WMBG-AM 740 Radio with Greg Bicouvaris & Sonny Dearth calling the action. Several sponsors and participants have been a part of this event since 2001.

The Event has been televised on NNPS TV in the following years:
2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Greg with Sonny Dearth who has been a frequent guest of
Greg's on radio & television games & shows since 1988

Sonny Dearth, Eric Christiansen, Greg, Hugh Spain
2005 Dr. Mary Bicouvaris Memorial Tennis Tournament

Eric, Sonny, and Greg

Niclas Kohler and Eric Christiansen
2006 Dr. Mary Bicouvaris
Memorial Tennis Tournament

Please give to any charity you wish in honor of the Dr. Mary V. Bicouvaris Memorial Tennis Tournament.

2024 Tennis Tournament
at Hampton Roads Academy

2023 Tournament Participants

2022 Tournament Participants at HRA

Chris Zambas (left) & Greg Bicouvaris (right)
James River Country Club
2020 Tournament Participants

2019 participants: Cole Frankenhoff (left)
and Ethan Kutner (right)

Greg with Father George Chioros
at the 2016 event at the James River Country Club

Greg, Will Prillaman & Herbie Morewitz
2015 Dr. Mary V. Bicouvaris
Memorial Tennis Tournament
at Peninsula Catholic High School

Marvin Hedgepeth, Carter Ficklen, Greg & Bill Saunders
2013 Dr. Mary Bicouvaris
Memorial Tennis Tournament